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The original motivation for this show was the threat in 2010 to the Mariner's Medical Arts Complex in Newport Beach, (still at risk). In 2016, we have the threat to several of our buildings at Orange Coast College, where the Board there has declared itself ready to destroy about three of the rare examples we were able to get built there in the early 50s Why? Not to build on their sites, but "to clear the center of the campus for a green area!" or for parking.

This is all scheduled for some time this year. Aside from individual letters to the college, we've come up with a petition whereby you can sign, making any remark you care to, about the value to history, to have these examples survive.

This would appear to be one of our last hopes; would 1000 signatures sufficiently impress these folks to pressure them to change course?


As of May, 2016 word has come down that the OCC board 'after careful consideration' elected to destroy at least two and maybe three of the original Neutra buildings the above petition was designed to save! We'd achieved over 350 signatures on this petition to that point, which were obviously insufficient to sway these vandals from their dastardly course!

This latest desecration of some of the few remaining Neutra examples, gave rise to a new Institute Project. We're calling it


On it will be emblassoned the names of the aggrieved projects, the date they were despoiled, and the names of the perpetrators, so that they can be publicly shamed for their lack of appreciation of the art objects of which they were supposed to be caring stewards!

Stay tuned for more new on this, and feel free to continue building up signatures on the above petition; 1000 would still be great!

Engage with the New Neutra Institute Museum and Gallery


We had a great turnout for our inauguration in August, 2014; 250 people at peak! While sales and donations were good, we're going to need to keep the momentum going financially in order to make this museum/gallery an ongoing reality for the community. Consider exhibiting; meeting; working here; and taking advantage of what we offer! Thank you for all the support shown.

Check the Museum Events Page for ongoing new shows and activities!
Also theEvents History Page
We need more volunteers!

Needed, going forward:

To keep the museum open, starting with weekends, we're offering an opportunity for co-workers to occupy two stations in the lobby. Bring your laptop and man one of these two spots during normal office hours. Participate in the creative energy of this historic building at no cost, and help us hold open for visitors at the same time! Send resume and get details from

take action NOW

The "Enhance Silver Lake as Park" project




Read and Sign the petition


No matter what part of the world you live in, you can vote to help us influence how this lake transitions to a Public Park within the next five or so years. Sign and get others to join in to overwhelm the City of Los Angeles with interest here, sufficient to make them pause with their plans to give these options serious consideration.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Thanks for your support. Announce this to your Social Media outlets and contacts for support; make this go VIRAL!

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The Gettysburg Preservation Crime of the Century

In March 2013, the historic Gettysburg Cyclorama Center was DEMOLISHED under the aegis
of the very agency that commissioned it! We've termed this

The Life and Death of the Neutra Gettysburg Cyclorama Center SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!

Available NOW for only $9.97! Ebook monograph:
The Life and Death of the Neutra Gettysburg Cyclorama Center.

A Comprehensive History; 200 pages replete with pictures, and history of how this project came to be, and why its fate was sealed by failures on the part of the Park Service to properly prepare the community and select superintendents who could love, honor, support and USE this modernist insert into the historic landscape as its newest monument to commemorate not only the battle, the painting, but also the Gettysburg Address.

Click on one of the following ebook stores to download from the applicable store
The Life and Death of the Neutra Gettysburg Cyclorama Center iBooks: The Life and Death of the Neutra Gettysburg Cyclorama Center
If you would prefer a bundle of all ebook versions (includes PDF, .epub for iPad, Nook, .mobi for Kindle) to use on any supported device, please use the "Get this eBook" button below.

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the original Battle of Gettysburg, get your signed copy of Dion's 180p. coffee table book; Volume 1 of "The Neutras, Then & Later". Contained therein are spreads on the Cyclorama Center; last views of it in its heyday.

Limited quantities available; get yours while they last; bargain rate: $50 including S&H in the US. $70 others.

US orders click here:

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Neutra Office for lease!


Richard Neutra (1892) turned 120 plus!

Thanks to one and all for your volunteering and†PARTICIPATING!
We hope we've established a tradition for future years. Everyone has had a lot of fun planning this; the cause remains; we hope you've enjoyed yourself as well. We hope to see you on the Sunday closest to Earth Day each year, as time passes.†
Mark your calendar and join us again for our next Run-Walk event! If you can help, volunteer here.
We have in place the order buttons for our next event;†It's not too early to contribute. Each click will†represent that amount of a tax deductible cash contribution for PRESERVATION. We're now actively taking reservations for our next event!
You can PARTICIPATE VIRTUALLY from any place in the world if you can't make it out here personally to join in! Preservation increasingly needs everyone's support! Clicking this button, will show your support, and donates $25 of which $15 will count towards your yearly membership in the Institute.
Meanwhile, here's a late breaking situation. Check out our Blog: 'Dodging a bullet.' Sign our various petitions below! We need your help. The battles continue.
See our articles section for the text of some of what said at the various past Earth Day celebrations.


Our 1958 Connell House in Pebble Beach has been in jeopardy now for several years. Thru the efforts of Sally Aberg and others, monies were raised to create the applications for designation as State Monument and also eligibility for Listing on the National Register (actual listing has to be agreed to by the owner, which she has, of course, refused).

The building has been neglected now for all these months, sitting boarded up awaiting the review times to run out to where the owner can proceed with demolition. These are the only 'tools' available to preservationists; a sad state of affairs for our country. No one can force this lady to take care of this during this period, nor will we ultimately be able to restrict her ability to demolish.

The only real hope is that she has now made herself so unpopular with this misbegotten McMansion project, that she may move on, just to avoid the unpleasant aftermath of her plan.

You can still donate to support the effort, or read more about the background of this saga at:

You can reach Sally Aberg for an update at:

Help save the Neutra designed Karachi US Embassy - Sign the petition today in support of saving and repurposing this modernist Icon; the only surviving Neutra Structure in the region.


A Crosswalk Crime in Silverlake - Sign the petition today to show your support for this redesign of the 'Crosswalk Crime' that has been visited upon the VDL House; City Monument #640 at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd.

This is the current view of VDL II since August 2011

Below is what we hope to get back to, and in future to trim some of the trees blocking the view.
Restore This

Why not something like this, which is at nearby Glendale Blvd. at Deane, but do this to the right of the above scenes, at the new crosswalk, well out of sight to/from VDL?
Crosswalk Option

The Kronish House - A NEUTRA FINALLY SAFE? Solution now perhaps in the making? We await word. See our blog for the latest.

We shift our focus now to the OTHER Neutra we hope to save for future public access; the 'Neutra Center in Silver Lake'. Donate and sign our petition; see the blog for details!

Meanwhile we continue to count for Kronish until we can report on it's fate

Kronish House


The Neutra Institute is conducting a National Fund Raising Campaign.

Be among many to commit and continue to change the history of preservation In our country! Our new goal is to also attract some of the richest patrons in our country to step up and make up any shortfall to repurpose this icon to 'The Neutra Center in Silver Lake'! WE NEED $5 MILLION! We propose a partnership with LACMA, to form LACMA EAST! Donations are tax exempt between the County Museum of Art and this Institute.


Can we build on the successes we achieved with our efforts for Kronish? Fans still need the opportunity to visit and experience interiors of saved Neutra examples from history!

The Neutra office Building, built 1950, is the only surviving example of Neutra Commercial Design. As such, it has been a City Monument and listed on the National Register for years. Will this make it any more successful for salvation? Situated amid a cluster of a dozen Neutra's within walking distance, it is the ideal 'central' for visitors and fans. It can also serve as HQ for the Neutra Institute.

Visit the Blog page to read more about the situation and our efforts so far. SIGN our petition.

To keep this simple for us; please establish a PayPal account or use your credit card and contribute with the most generous amount you can feel comfortable by clicking the "Donate" button below. We'll keep a tally and let you know how we're doing.

Thanks for helping us celebrate 85 years in practice! In case you missed the initial action last April 8-10, a few of the speeches are now available on our Articles page.

Visit our store to see how you can purchase your own 85th Anniversary poster like the one below.



VDL Arial Presrective

Guess what! YOU can own this sketch! For the first time a series of Richard Neutra sketches have been selected to be reproduced for sale. Those selected include two views of the famous Van Der Leeuw (VDL) Research House II, two views of the Garden Grove Community Church and one each of his Howard Hawks House and Monterrey Park Civic Center.
See the store for details and order yours today! >>

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Complete Neutra Buildings Sites List and Locations
A collection of 14 documents in PDF format of Neutra buildings sites in California, United States and worldwide.

PUBLISHER FOUND! - New Neutra Book
Dion Neutra's vision for a book series about the philosophy and history of the firm as seen through the fate of its built works, celebrating 86 years in practice.
Stay tuned for publication date; hopefully in 2012

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Dion Neutra's latest Challenge!
The world famous modernist icon, the Richard Neutra Lovell Health House has preservation problems!

Demolition Derby: Lost Monuments! A look at the irrational demolition of significant Neutra architecture in the U.S. and other historical places.

Student Packages: Neutra Office Drawings Available - The Institute now offers student packages with reproductions taken from original project documents.


From Dion Neutra

Welcome to the Neutra architecture web site, sponsored by the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design.

I develop and administer programs for the Institute, while also serving as consultant and advisor to owners of Neutra buildings who wish to maintain or adapt/modify those buildings in the spirit of the original designs. For more on this click on Consulting Services.

This site is central to our work. It offers a range of resources for the study and advocacy of Neutra architecture, such as:

Links -- quick access to more information about the Neutra oeuvre and related topics

Tours -- on-line tours and transcripts of site visits to selected Neutra classics

Bulletins -- the latest news from the Institute, including how you can help save endangered Neutra buildings

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Bookstore -- Neutra-related items for sale through, rare and out-of-print materials offered by the Institute, exclusive student packages for academic use, and a special traveling exhibition available for lease

Gallery -- an expanding collection of Neutra images


We are looking for like-minded persons who would like to contribute or be involved with us in the stewardship of the planet with reference to the built environment. For more information about the Institute, please see our Aims and Purposes.

For an annual membership fee of $15, you'll receive our periodic reports on activities and projects of the Institute. Just fill out our quick and easy signup form to open your PayPal account to join. We aim to create a 'Neutra Community' dedicated to saving what's left of the Neutra oeuvre; you can help!

Your membership fee is a tax-deductible contribution. You can pay by credit card using the PayPal button below, or mail a check or money order for the amount of $15 (payable to Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design) to the address at the bottom of this page.

Among the Institute's activities, we authenticate any product, including furniture and goods, designed by Richard and Dion Neutra Architecture. All Neutra designs are copyrighted and protected by U.S. and international intellectual property laws, as is the name Neutra when used in conjunction with any product or service related to our firm and representative work. To prevent others from attributing distorted works to original author (integrity), and/or claiming authorship of the work (attribution), the Institute may license exclusive rights to others with a written certified authorization under certain terms and conditions. Please address questions, comments and suggestions regarding the fair and reasonable use of this proprietary notice to Dion Neutra.

This site is maintained by volunteers. Can you help?

If you think you could contribute and have some time to volunteer, please contact me at

Dion Neutra, Architect; Executive Consultant
[son and partner of Richard Neutra]

Evolution Quotes: "Manhattan Beach architect Michael Lee said, 'People are actually walking in the door holding photos of Neutra houses and saying, 'This is what I want.' " (DailyBreeze, Doretta Zemp, March 2006).

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