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Neutras Then and Later

Dion's opus "The Neutras, Then & Later", volume 1 was published in Hong Kong in late 2012. After some research, this location was selected in order to hold a bargain retail price close to $30. The result of 12 years of effort, this is the first of a number of such, planned, which would chronicle the fate of some 400 built projects showing what they looked like in their heyday, and what happened later. This first volume with 192 pages covers some two dozen projects, and also includes a number of autobiographical elements never before seen in print.

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Copyright to this material, property of Dion Neutra 2012 . Viewers agree not to copy, forward or otherwise manipulate this preview. Buy the book!

The hope here, is that professors of Preservation, with this preview might assign this as required reading for their fall classes. The actual books are expected for delivery early December on this website as well as

Your support will help to encourage a continuation of this series, which will also include updates on the fates of several projects, which as this is uploaded, are threatened with extinction; the Gettysburg Cyclorama Center, the Karachi Embassy building, the Connell Residence in Pebble Beach to name a few.

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